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Working & Managing IN Global Teams

Ensuring Effective & Efficient Teamwork Across Cultures

Global teams are the norm today. The combination of new technology and increasing global reach to partners and customers means that the teams that you work with will likely include people who do most of their work somewhere other than where you are (even when we’re not in a pandemic!) Even working locally we are working with those from diverse backgrounds, cultures, languages and country locations. It is critical you find strategies to make teamwork more effective and efficient across time zones and cultures without compromising your own well-being or time commitment.


If you are a member or manager of a global team and experiencing miscommunication, a lack of engagement or time zone challenges, implementing the tools and techniques I share in this course will dramatically improve your team experience. After this manager training course, you will understand diversity & inclusion, save time, boost motivation, ensure deliverables and streamline communication.


Specifically, you will learn about four cultural dimensions (time, thought patterns, communication, and formality) that influence our working relationships across cultures and use the 4D Culture tool and O.A.R. method to assess and analyze needs, behaviors and problems with customers, vendors and team members.

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